Thursday, December 22, 2016

How to Choose the Best Basketball Shoes

If basketball is in your favorite sport list, you must know it can be hard on your body, especially your feet. It requires agility, dynamism and a great physical fitness to be a successful basketball player. Being a swift, fast-paced game, basketball players often get injured on their joints, muscles and especially their feet. Hence, it is important to be flexible, as well as fast, when it comes to dealing with the game. You need to keep your balance steady while playing, passing and scoring.

Besides running and walking on and across the court, vigorous jumping will score you points. However, it might have an added strain on your feet and it requires a responsive, comfortable, yet sturdy shoe made with superb engineering, which will help you move forward in the game. Needless to say, an intense 5 minutes of hard play involves a number of start and stops. Hence, it is important to decide what type of basketball shoe would be fit for your feet. Be wise while choosing the shoe. Know your specification whether you want extra ankle support or cushioning.

Great style and performance both factors must be considred while deciding your shoe. You can now come across a variety of models, styles and colors to choose from. A truly superior basketball shoe features great styling, support, revved-up performance, and luxury feel that makes this shoe a must have. However, individual choice and preference varies in accordance with size and shape of the feet.
A number of popular sports shoes for basketball game are a first choice for style and comfort. Players prefer them on and off the court. Certain brand of shoes are favorite among many players, due to their sleek cushioning, superior cushioning, support and non-marketing traction control. If you are looking for a lightweight shoe, choose the one that will perform superb in cross-court maneuvering, with its lightweight feel, and slick design. These are basically breathable shoes with padded insole, further admired with heringbone pattern outsole for steady breath away. The popular choice of shoes has similar styling, coming standard with Bounce cushioning technology for responsive, springy feel and superior performance.

There are also many variety of basketball shoes which combine details from all of the shoes that the best player prefers during any big matches. So take your peak. You can also go for something classic in a new color or try something fresh and trendy. Don’t compromise on performance. See how your game improves. Feel the comfort and power of the shoes and be focused on the game.

You may need to rethink your basketball shoes. It’s importat to understand what you are looking for in a shoe - speed and agility or something more. With the adventage of online, now can easily browse a number of styles, colors textures and patterns easily. You can also visit the local sports shop or you can gear more toward comfort, support and durability.

So don’t waste time. Visit your nearby sports shop store or if you wish you can go online. Find the best collection and check out if the pair fulfills your need and specification.

William Schoellkopf III is a passionate basketball player. He is the resident of Miami, Florida and presently 35 years old. He has immense knowledge on a number of sports. Read his latest blogs and write-ups to learn more about his interest and sports. Also visit his social profiles.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Top 5 Soccer Drills - Push Yourself & Keep Going

To survive in today’s dynamic sports world, it is essential to put away the old outdated training methods. Running long distances is not always can have an adverse impact since it might burn off the much needed muscles for bursts of speed and power. Strength exercise and conditioning workout are important for the soccer players to perform well during the game. Such workouts help prepare the body to bear the strains of the game as well as keep the energy system in tact.

Consider these 5 soccer drills to boost up your body and muscles.
  1. The Box Drill - Place four marker cones 6 yards apart in a square configuration. Start by getting down in a three-point stance and run forward to the cone1. Then sprint to cone 2. Shuffle sideways to reach cone 3. From there attempt backpedal to cone 4 and finish by turning and sprinting through to reach at cone 1. Be sure to go around the outside of each cone. Keep performing the step time and again. This drill is a test of agility and it helps power your speed, quickness, change of direction and body control. All you require a stopwatch, measuring tape, 4 marker cones, and a flat non-slip surface.
  2. One Leg Squats - One leg squats is an important leg strength exercise. Stand on a platform while the leg is lifted of the ground until you are just below parallel. Hold your arms straight out in front, with the hands clasped together. Now stand up using the other. Repeat 3 sets of 10 for each leg.
  3. Uphill Sprints - Uphill sprints is critical to help develop power and speed. NFL All-Time leading rusher Emmitt Smith is considered of one iconic proponent of hill sprints. Beach sprint in soft sand can be also be help as it really helps develop acceleration and improve flexibility. Work up 10 yard sprints with plenty of rest in between.
  4. Zig Zag Ball Handling Drill - Place cones in a zigzag patter at about 5 yards apart. It requires the athlete to line up at one cone and then dribble the ball to the next cone. Next cut around the cone and then on the next. Then dribble the ball back to beginning. Have some rest and then start again.
  5. Groin Conditioning - Finally do some groin conditioning. It helps incorporate explosiveness. Furthermore, it can ward off groin strain. Begin with the basic groin conditioning exercises. As your groin strength improves, go through a bit more rigors and repetitions. Be sure to take all safety measure. Don’t undergo rigorous conditioning at the very onset. In order to adjust your body and adapt to the strains, you need to incorporate lateral movement into the conditioning drills.

The lateral movement includes crossovers, lateral shuffling, and sprints. Intervals should range from 10 to 60 seconds or more. Rest intervals might vary. However, it is always recommended to rest an equal amount of time to the work interval. 5-10-5 yard shuttle using lateral movement is recommended for a set period of time while 5 yard shuffle is the best option for a set period of time.

William Schoellkopf III is a 35 year old Miami, FL based athlete. He has earned name and fame as a celebrated soccer player. In his recent write-up he talks about top 5 soccer drills that help power speed and flexibility. For more information visit his Website.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

How Coaches Assess a Quality Soccer Player

A quality soccer player is assessed on the basis of certain talents and potentials. Their performance under game condition sets the parameter on how you will be judged. The game demands infinite variety of skills and tactic. Consider the following tips to become a quality soccer player. Coaches will will see how you perform under pressure and take on challenge in the competitive environment.  

Ball Control:

Most of the coaches assess a soccer player on the basis of his ball control skill. They will see how skillfully and smoothly you are able to bring the ball under control. A good soccer player is supposed to keep the ball under control without actually stopping the ball completely, yet maintaining it securely. According to William Schoellkopf III, a reputed soccer player from Miami, Florida, it is imperative to develop the skill of receiving a pass at top speed. However, it does mean slowing down to receive the ball. All you need to make sure is to shield the ball and move in deceptively in order to get rid of your opponent.


The next important skill is passing. Develop the technique to successfully to complete short and long range passes. This revolves round all of your ball skills, including bending, chipping, heading and the agility to drive the ball to a partner. It is more of an understanding with the fellow players than technique itself. You must observe how players at a high level take quick decisions and control the ball so easily and smoothly. Hone your skill of one-touch passing.


This is the quality to take forwards past opponents with slight touches of the feet or by continuous bouncing. Soccer players must have this quality to feint, change directions and speed the ball at will. Soccer player breaking through packed defensive lines is a treat to eyes. Some of the quality players like Lionel Messi exhibit quick feet, combined with a sense of comfort under pressure, to pass through space or to make room for yourself or a partner.


Develop the ability to head at goal after crosses. This is one of the most required qualities to be sought in an effective soccer player. A quality soccer player must be able to head high, wide and deep for defensive clearances. Head balls as a one-touch pass in order to create shooting chances. So develop this ability to be more effective as a soccer player. 


A good soccer player must be assessed on the basis of the skill of goal scoring. This aspect includes various techniques to strike the ball in different ways, such as chipping, half volleys, driving low balls, bending, heading, hitting volleys, etc. Sometimes, goal scorers use their chest, heel, toe, or thigh to finish. “Quite naturally coaches will be interested in looking for such players who are aggressive, swift and agile on the ground and are able to make decision quickly at the opportune times”, opined William Schoellkopf III. The successful goalscorer has mental toughness to tackle the ball and score the goals without being afraid of failure.

Tactical Awareness:

Finally, coaches want to see tactical awareness in a player. This is another important quality that refers to the anticipation, reading , execution of certain rules when you try to keep the ball in possession.
William Schoellkopf III is a one of the most celebrated athletes from Miami, Florida, 35 who is a professional soccer player and a writer. In his recent write-up he talks about how coaches assess a quality soccer player.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Importance of Sports in Leading a Physically and Mentally Fit Life

We are all aware of the fact that sports increases physical stamina. But now it is a fact widely acknowledged that being involved with any sports improves mental clarity and helps control your emotions in a better way.

William Schoellkopf III, who is renowned athlete from Miami and has represented his nation in various sports meet acknowledges the importance of sports in everyone's life. He agrees to the fact that sports training nowadays have become more planned and result oriented. But there's lot more than that, a sports not only involves the players who play it on the ground, but also the supporters across the globe. There are several sportsmen like him who has accepted the fact, that playing a sport is even enjoyed by common people at large. What are the benefits of playing a sport actively on a regular basis? 

While finding an answer to this question, experts have apprehended that physical activity helps an individual to be active, confident, and perfectly in shape. As an outcome of physical stability, usually a sports freak enjoys well-built mental stamina and more than average brain power for quick decision and higher level of perseverance. It is the ardent desire to perform the best that supplies the driving force behind a successful sportsman, which a common man can also enjoy.

Freehand sports like playing badminton, running, and aerobics are easy ways to improve physical endurance of a person regardless of his stamina. Gaining mental clarity is also the side effect of playing the sport at a daily basis. Some of the prime benefits related to exercise are:
  • Playing sports invokes better state of mind.
  • Games like basketball, swimming, running marathon improves sleep patterns and keep mood swings away.
  • Regular habit of playing prevents from gaining extra weight.
  • Sports activities remove mental clutter and help all in taking crucial decision in life. This is a quality, which reduces stress and tension from life.
Positive effects of indulging in sport is a worldwide known concept. Eminent sports persons advocate practicing free-hand games for all, under professional supervision of a trainer. However, swimming, running, playing basketball are easy but extremely productive exercises that can bring awesome result for all its users. If you want to stay fit and in perfect shape, it is high time to start exercising under an expert trainer. Sometime people may suffer from sudden injury and episode of short breathing which highlights the importance of safety issues. 

It is safe and organic process to boost healthy spirit by exercising and playing games. This is actually the mental benefits of sports activity, which all sports persons are aware of. William Schoellkopf III have written several blogs on the interrelation between sports activity and sound health, which cleanly explains why it is important to be active and mentally healthy! 

William Schoellkopf III is a one of the most celebrated athlete from Miami, Florida who is a sport fanatics and a writer. He took part in many competition world wide and earned recognition. Here in this article he shares his views about how sports play an integral role in building up a strong character.